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What is the SFSuper Series?

The SFSuper Series is a group of events – a trail run, a cycle, an ocean swim, a CrossFit challenge and a family run – that will challenge and inspire you whilst raising money for an amazing cause: The Sanfilippo Children's Foundation. 

We support, encourage and help you to participate in events  you may never have considered.  We've chosen these events because we believe they are the most fun, and achievable for everyone – no matter how fit or how much experience you start with! You don't have to do all of our events. Just do one or challenge yourself to do multiple!
Visit our SFSuper Series website today to REGISTER and learn more about this SUPER event. 



Event information

Choose an event, and don’t be scared off by the distances. We can help you achieve them! The SFSuper Series is for everyone - no matter what your fitness level.

Run – 15th September 2018



The Surf Coast Century ultra marathon trail run is in Anglesea on the 15th September – 21km, 23km, 28km, 50km or 100km. This is the third and final year that the SFSuper Series will be taking part in the Surf Coast Century as its trail run… and we are going back because it’s an awesome run and we LOVE it.

The location is SUPER spectacular, the organisers are SUPER organised and for those of us coming from out of Victoria, it is a SUPER mini adventure holiday!


Cycle – 30th September 2018



Gears and Beers is a cycle and beer festival rolled into one! Held in Wagga Wagga on the 30th September 2018 (the October long weekend for NSW) – the cycle event includes a 9km, 30km, 50km and 105km road race and a 50km and 130km "dirty ride" on unsealed roads.  All rides end with a celebration party at the Beer Festival!


This event is the perfect SFSuper Series challenge event. If you are a SUPER rider push yourself and do the 130km. If you are new to cycling, then challenge yourself with the 50km... and bring the kids to ride the 9km!


Big Feet and Little Feet Fun Run –  26th August 2018



This year our "Big Feet and Little Feet" will be the Pub2Pub Fun Run on Sydney's Northern Beaches. This event really is for everyone no matter how big or small you are.  The Pub2Pub Fun Run includes (13km, 6km routes) and Family Fun Run/Walk (3km).


Endure24 – Friday 26th October until 27th October 2018



The ultimate 24-hour CrossFit Challenge at CrossFit Manly Vale! Create a team to complete 24 hours of CrossFit challenges, or do it solo! Held over a full 24-hour period, the team at CrossFit Manly Vale will lead you in 24 WODs, opened on the hour! This event is for everyone – the CrossFit addicts amongst you and those new to the sport. It's all about team work!



The Coogee Island Challenge – 25th November 2018



The Coogee Island Challenge launches the ocean swim season for summer and is a great close out to the end of our Series. It’s a real bucket-lister for any ocean swimmer, and so of course we had to include it in our Series as another way to push yourself to your SUPER point. Circling Wedding Cake Island off Coogee Bay is equal parts challenging, rewarding and fun which is why it suits the SFSuper Series so well. Please join us  for this popular Sydney ocean swim this November!