Meet Our People

Mark Thompson

Why the Sanfilippo cause? 

Sanfilippo is such a devastating disorder and creates unimaginable lives for the children and families involved. I was motivated by how far the Sanfilippo Children's Foundation has come in its quest for information, research and eventually a cure.

What's your message to the wider Australian community about the work of the Sanfilippo Children's Foundation?

It takes people to create change. Time is not the children’s friend. The most important thing is to raise awareness of the issue and strive relentlessly to find solutions and, eventually, a cure.

What makes you happy/ what makes you sad?

I’m saddened that this rare disorder robs the lives of young innocent children so they cannot lead regular lives. I’m happy that there are people who are determined to change this.

How are you inspired by the work of the Foundation? 

I’m inspired by the incredible amount of work, effort and passion that has gone into the Foundation. Against all adversities, there is a ‘can-do’ mentality.

Which value do you bring to our team and how?

I want to contribute to maintaining the tremendous momentum already achieved by using the experience I've collected over the previous 30 years. My motivation increases when I’m told it cannot be done.

What's your favourite motivational quote? 

'People who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those who are doing it'