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Create your challenge your way this October!

In a time where wearing masks have become the norm, we are asking you to wear a mask of a different kind, become a HERO for HOPE & challenge yourself your way!

How it works

STEP 1: Sign up

Choose your challenge, register and set up your fundraising page

STEP 2: Shout about it

Share what you are doing to get support or set up a team and ask your friends to join you

STEP 3: Start your HOPEtober Challenge

Get going with your challenge

Get Started


Get Active

Set your own goal to run, walk, swim, cycle, work out or mix it up!

Start Reading

You could do an hour a day or 10 books for the month.

Shave, Grow, Cut or Colour 

Grow a mo or shave, cut or colour your hair this HOPEtober.

Give something up

Could you live without Chocolate, Alcohol, or Sugar for a month?

Camp out

Sleep in a tent in the backyard for a week or if you want an extra challenge do it for the whole month. 

Go Purple

Wear purple for Sanfilippo & post a pic every day for the month

Donate your profits

Donate your profits from a product, range or across a set time period.

Be a host

Host an online zoom party or trivia night.

Do it your way

These are just some ideas. You could do a combo or choose your own challenge


  • Jessie Wells just donated $21.00
  • Jeremy Hoffman just donated $50.00
  • Megan Donnell just donated $52.50
  • Vanessa C just donated $26.25
  • Adrian Cini just donated $115.50
  • Anonymous just donated $105.00
  • Melissa DeBonis just donated $105.00
  • Lauren Ditchburn just donated $52.50
  • Casey Robinson just donated $150.00
  • Juleia Moore just donated $52.50
  • Alex Dixon just donated $26.25
  • Taryn Brady just donated $52.50
  • Holly just donated $52.50
  • Love Finny x just donated $26.25
  • Cate Benardout just donated $52.50
  • Ligna timber floors just donated $250.00
  • Erene Keriakos just donated $26.25
  • Erene Keriakos just donated $26.25
  • Erene Keriakos just donated $26.25
  • Erene Keriakos just donated $26.25

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