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September 20, 2015 10:00 AM
Meckenzie has Sanfilippo Syndrome. Without a treatment, she will not live to adulthood. You can help save children like Meckenzie by contributing to our campaign to raise funds for research in to this condition. Learn more about this campaign

Liz Williams Hope for Meckenzie

Hi I'm Liz.
I'm one of Meckenzie's carers at Bayside.
On September 17th I fly out to Lisbon in Portugal to begin a 7 week walk up the coast to Santiago De Compostela in Spain. This path is also known as The Camino or The Way of St.James.
I'll be walking the whole way and travelling more than 600km on foot.
I'm hoping to raise some awareness and funds for Sanfilippo on my journey.
I would really appreciate your help and any amount however small or big is greatly valued.
Together we can make a difference.
Buen Camino!

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July 31, 2016
Hey lovely SF Supporters,

I just ordered my Sanfilippo gear to wear and use on my journey.
Now the wait for them to arrive in the mail!
I'm thinking of doing a trek in the Dandenong mountains this week to start getting whipped into shape.
I'll be finishing off my pack in preparation for my trip soon and i'll have to practice carrying the weight.
Any other good places to hike in Melbourne?

Buen Camino
July 25, 2016
Hey SF Supporters,

I tried out my new boots today and so far they are super comfy!
Definitely worth paying the extra dosh.
I got these from Kathmandu on sale.

Buen Camino
July 24, 2016
Hey SF Supporters!

I went to the shops to begin preparing for my trek.
It was a little tiring but a very good day in the end.
I've got my pack, jacket, walking sticks, boots and a few accessories.
Heres some daggy photo's my mum took!

Buen Camino!