Meet Our People

Nikki Hopkins

Why the Sanfilippo cause?
The Sanfilippo Foundation is a charity that inspires me with hope and determination to give every child diagnosed with Sanfilippo a fighting chance. Being involved with a Foundation that strives to help the lives of these children and families is very grounding and inspiring. 
How are you inspired by the work of the Foundation?
Having seen the work of the Sanfilippo team, the dedication and energy that surround the people behind this organisation is contagious. The determination to see families live with hope and purpose is the driving force behind every initiation. Sanfilippo is a condition that no child or family should face. 
Which value do you bring to the team?
The values I personally bring to the team are Determination and Energy. Having a 'never-give-up' attitude is key in dealing with the complexities of Sanfilippo and the challenge of finding a treatment or even a cure. Energy is the driving force behind everything done by the Foundation. I hope to bring energy to the cause.
What's your favourite motivational quote?
'Shoot for the moon and if you miss, you will still be among the stars' Les Brown.