Meet Our People

Brad Phillips

Why the Sanfilippo cause?

“When you learn about Sanfilippo, you can't help trying to figure out how you can support this cause and make an impact.

I was introduced to the Foundation via a friend. What got me involved and keeps me there, is the calibre and energy of the people who have made it their purpose to improve the lives of the children and families affected by this disease.”

How are you inspired by the work of the Foundation?

“In just 5 years this Foundation has achieved incredible things. It's expertly run, and has made intelligent funding decisions about which research programs and investment opportunities represent the best possible chance of finding treatments and a cure for Sanfilippo, and it’s all done with an element of fun and not taking things too seriously. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?”

Which value do you bring to our team and how?

“Differentiation and Energy. Creating awareness and support for a rare disease like Sanfilippo is challenging. Finding new and creative ways of achieving that is vital. Along the way, we've created a really inclusive and fun community of like-minded participants who run, walk, cycle, swim, paddle, lift, and sweat for Sanfilippo.

And with our energy and ideas we offer a unique and memorable experience. Whether that's waving giant heads around at events or running/swimming with carrots, we're always working on new ideas to help our participants and supporters have a great experience!”

What's your favourite motivational quote?

I believe it’s never too late to do stuff you’ve always wanted...

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.”