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What is the SF Super Series?

The SF Super Series is a group of events – a trail run, a SwimRun, a long run (Newcastle to Sydney), and a family fun run – that will challenge and inspire you whilst raising money for an amazing cause: The Sanfilippo Children's Foundation. 

We support, encourage and help you to participate in events  you may never have considered.  We've chosen these events because we believe they are the most fun, and achievable for everyone – no matter how fit or how much experience you start with! You don't have to do all of our events. Just do one or challenge yourself to do multiple!
Visit our SF Super Series website today to REGISTER and learn more about this SUPER event. 



Event information

Choose an event, and don’t be scared off by the distances. We can help you achieve them! The SFSuper Series is for everyone - no matter what your fitness level.

Newcastle–Sydney Run: 25 April to 4 May



In 2015 John Burgman and his Westpac team ran from Melbourne to Sydney to raise vital funds for our cause. In our 5th year, 'JB' and his team are taking on a run from Newcastle to Sydney. The team will be running between 16-34km each day along the Great North Walk Trail, arriving at the Opera House on 4th May to a huge welcome and the official launch of the SF Super Series.
The location is SUPER spectacular, the organisers are SUPER organised and for those of us coming from out of Victoria, it is a SUPER mini adventure holiday!


SwimRun:  27th April 2019



A relatively new sport in Australia, this 17km event is a unique and challenging adventure sport where teams of two compete by alternating between running and swimming on a challenging course covering trails, beaches, ocean, cliffs, rocks, and paths. 20 SwimRunners will be participating as part of our SF Super Series team


Brisbane Trail Ultra: 6th July 2019



This brand new ultra trail run looks set for a huge impact in 2019.  Some of our biggest supporters are our trail runners and they're always looking for a new challenge. We're anticipating 100 solo and relay teamm runners from our team across distances  of 30km, 60km,  and 110km. Plus our marquee will be front and centre at the South Bank Finish Festival 


Pub2Pub family fun run: 25th August 2019



The Pub Pub Northern Beaches iconic fun run is the perfect setting to get active with the whole family. Boasting the largest team at the event in 2018, we have even bigger plans this year. We're aiming for 200+ walkers and runners across the 3km, 6km and 13km distances. This should once again be an incredible event for our SF Super Series team. 



Everyone has their own challenge in mind or a bucket list event they want to complete. This year our supporters can participate in an event of their choice and fundraise for our cause. With the same access to training plans, merchandise and our supportive community.