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A decade of difference for Sanfilippo research impact report

We present the extraordinary gains in Sanfilippo research over the past ten years in this impact report, made possible because of the generosity, passion and commitment of our families, donors and supporters.

Download a PDF of 2023 Impact Report

2022 Annual Update

We are so grateful to the unwavering generosity and support we received in 2022 from our incredible community of researchers, clinicians, donors, sponsors, families, volunteers and fundraisers who allow us to remain committed to our vision and our work here at Sanfilippo Children's Foundation.

On the cover is Jobe Koistinen, who is battling Sanfilippo Syndrome.

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2020-21 Annual Update

2021 began with the hope of life returning to a "new normal" with fewer challenges and less anxiety about what the future holds. Yet we continue to navigate the chaos and uncertainty of a world seemingly beyond our control, finding ways to adapt, adjust and innovate in order to continue our vision to drive research for a world without Sanfilippo.

On the cover is Meckenzie Oelofsen, who is battling Sanfilippo Syndrome.

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2019-20 Annual Update

Horror Bushfires, Coronavirus, economic turmoil... 2020 began with more than a few challenges. This Annual Update looks back at the many achievements of 2019 and at our ambitious plans for the year ahead despite the disruptions. While some of our events have been postponed our research agenda remains strong.

Amazing progress is being made, and results from several studies are bringing us closer to finding effective treatments. Thank you to our much-valued supporters, donors, sponsors, suppliers, families, volunteers and our incredible network of researchers and clinicians. 

On the cover are twins Jobe and Tate. Jobe (pictured left) is battling Sanfilippo Syndrome.

Download a PDF of 2020 Annual Update

2018 Annual Update

2018 was the year we turned five.  It was an extraordinary year in which we reflected on five years of operation and celebrated significant achievements. 

In 2018 the Foundation funded five new research projects aimed at slowing cognitive decline, managing behavioural problems, targeting the immune system and improving the effectiveness of gene and enzyme replacement therapies.

On the cover is young Matilda Page who is battling Sanfilippo Syndrome.

Download a PDF of 2018 Year in Review

2017 Annual Update

2017 was the year we concluded our fourth year of operation. It was a year of celebration, collaboration, advocacy and many a milestone. The Abeona Therapeutics clinical gene therapy trial began on Australian soil, and our fledgling Foundation also took out top gong with the Advocacy Award in the Research Australia annual Health and Medical Research Awards. 

On the cover is the Tiefel family whose son Lucas has Sanfilippo. 

Download a PDF of 2017 Year in Review

2016 Annual Update

2016 was our Foundation’s third year of operation. It was the year we extended our esteemed Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to help identify research and clinical trial opportunities and announced five exciting new research projects.

On the cover is Jayda Hannaford who lost her battle to Sanfilippo in 2016 at just nine years of age. 

Download a PDF of 2016 Year in Review

2015 Annual Update

2015 was our second year of operation. We were extremely encouraged in this time of change, expansion, philanthropic gestures and pioneering scientific progress. 

Our fledgling Foundation partnered with US biotech Abeona Therapeutics to help deliver a clinical gene therapy trial (our first clinical research program). We also launched a new website, kick-started our family-led Hope for campaigns and even produced a song!

On the cover is Meckenzie Oelofsen, the face of our Hope for Meckenzie campaign. 

Download a PDF of 2015 Year in Review