Sanfilippo Children's Foundation hosts an annual scientific symposium

The Symposium brings together Australian researchers, clinicians and parents, together with international speakers, to discuss research into Sanfilippo syndrome (mucopolysaccharidosis type III) and related conditions. 

The third Symposium was held in Adelaide on the 19th and 20th of May 2023. A link to the summary of the symposium and the video are below.

We look forward to bringing you details of the 2024 Solving Sanfilippo Symposium in due course.

Please send an email to to receive notifications about future symposia, our grant round and other (infrequent) communications relevant for researchers and clinicians.

View a recording of some presentations from the symposium
The video below is a recording of some of the presentations from the 2023 Symposium. Unfortunately, as many researchers presented unpublished data we are unable to share their presentations with you. You can read our summary article for an overview of the topics discussed. To jump to different presentations you can use the time stamps in the contents list below, or simply click on the 'chapter' sections within the YouTube video to skip ahead to the sections you're interested in.

0:00 Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country (Kerren Hosking)
5:39 Mikayla's story (Kellie Campbell)
14:51 A Global Roadmap for Sanfilippo Syndrome Therapies (Dr Lisa Melton)
28:09 Clinical development of therapies for Sanfilippo: the case for early diagnosis & treatment (Dr Nicholas Smith)
53:50 NewbornsInSA: metabolic and genomic NBS pilot (A/Prof Karin Kassahn)
01:11:48 Identifying common disease mechanisms between Sanfilippo syndrome & Alzheimer's Disease using RNAseq (Dr Karissa Barthelson)
01:28:04 Practical insights into childhood dementia and how Dementia Support Australia can help (Mia Holloway)
01:38:57 Sleep disturbance in neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders: from understanding to intervention (Dr Jasneek Chawla)
01:56:40 Targeting microglia in Sanfilippo syndrome with photobiomodulation (Dr Paul Austin & Dr Adeline Lau)