Introducing Dr. Jana Vukovic to our SAB

22 Jul 2020

The Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation is thrilled to be expanding our Scientific Advisory Board. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Jana Vukovic to the Sanfilippo Children's Foundation. 

Jana is a neuroimmunolgist from The University of Queensland, where she is head of the Neuroimmunology and Cognition Laboratory, which investigates the interactions between the brain and the immune system in health and disease. 

"The complexity of untangling brain function fascinates me and I am particularly interested in understanding the process of learning and memory, and how the immune system can influence these cognitive processes.

"Many researchers are aware of age-related learning and memory disorders i.e. dementia, but there is a lack of awareness that similar conditions can affect children. We need to broaden our understanding of dementias, exchange knowledge and thereby help the young (and the old) suffering from these devastating conditions.”

Read mroe about Dr. Vukovic here