Meet Our People

Dominic Tilden

Why the Sanfilippo cause? 

I came across Sanfilippo when my mum told me about a girl at the kindy she was running and where my daughter was also attending had just been diagnosed. This was Meg’s daughter Isla. I met Meg shortly thereafter in one of those rare instances where a health economist was able to offer at least some practical assistance. I think the cause resonated with me at the time of that first meeting, and continues to do so, because my kids are the same age as Isla and Jude and I wanted to help those who were in a position I couldn’t imagine but could just as easily have found myself in.

How are you inspired by the work of the Foundation? 

My career has been about enabling people disadvantaged by ill health to access diagnostics and treatments to improve their health outcomes. This is much easier to do when there are diagnostics and treatments to access. Historically, the Sanfilippo community has unfortunately not had that luxury. I am inspired by how the Foundation has started, and continues to change that landscape to improve the lives of patients, families and carers.

Which value do you bring to our team and how?

Resilience and Determination - I like getting stuff done and achieving milestones. And I think these two values help because it means you don’t and can’t give up easily.

What's your favourite motivational quote? 

“It’s the vibe of it”, Dennis Denuto, The Castle. People I work with know my favourite place for quotes is The Castle. This might not seem an inspirational quote at first but I use Dennis Denuto’s famous line a lot. I think I get inspiration from the appeal to an underlying natural justice. When we know the vibe of what we are doing is right, it makes working to make it happen that much easier!