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Volunteers are essential to helping the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation achieve its goals. You can help make a real and positive difference to the lives of children and families affected by Sanfilippo Syndrome. 

You may be touched by our story or you may simply want to get involved knowing that your contribution can have a lasting impact in our journey to finding a cure.  By helping to drive the science you can help save lives!


Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to ‘give back’ to your local community, meet new people and become part of a group of supporters working towards a shared goal. It's also a good way to gain new skills and experiences and can even improve your career prospects. Of course, you will also be playing a key role in spreading the word about the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation!


How You Can Help

Volunteer your time, services or expertise! There are many ways you can help, depending on your time available and your skills.


Here are some ideas:


  • Volunteer at one of our key fundraising events.
  • Give your professional skills free of charge e.g. professional services, PR or marketing skills, massage or beauty therapy, printing or delivery services.
  • Help with office administration.

To find out more about volunteering for the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation Contact Us today!