Kids OT: Big kick out of Helping

17 Jun 2017

This is the third successful Kick-A-Thon the OT practice has hosted. This year it was inspired by two of their very own Kids OT clients: Isla and Jude Donnell, two Freshwater siblings battling Sanfilippo Syndrome. 

Their mother and Executive Director of the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation, Megan Donnell, explained that Kids OT, where her children attend weekly sessions, has played a key role in helping to maintain Isla and Jude’s skills.

“We are very much part of the Kids OT family and having their support through this year’s Kick-A-Thon means so much. This type of grassroots fundraising will continue to help us in our mission to fund medical treatment for a cure for children with Sanfilippo today and those born with it tomorrow.”

Special mentions to highest individual fundraisers Angus Young ($1,310) and Duke Lesko ($1,000). Congratulations also to Jared Lin, three times Kick-A-Thon champion and undefeated with 143 kicks in 60 seconds. Even members of the public couldn’t beat him! All together and including a public effort, the team achieved more than 8,000 kicks!

According to Kids OT director Amanda Parsons, the Kick-A-Thon provides a wonderful opportunity for children with and without additional needs to help those with greater needs than themselves.

“It is heart-warming to support children in developing their community mindedness, sense of community, confidence and charitability in addition to other skill development. For many of our students, who have Autism, ADHD and other diagnoses, this is an important life skill to foster and develop; and for Isla and Jude and other children with Sanfilippo we could not imagine of a better cause to support.”

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