Kirkman Kids do Kms for Sanfilippo

18 Nov 2020

This awesome little foursome are clocking up kilometres, all in the name of Sanfilippo. The Kirkman kids are no strangers to events at the Sanfilipppo Children's Foundation. Their mum, Emma Kirkman, is our awesome Fundraising Campaign Manager. When Emma broke her ankle in the weeks prior to our Steps for Sanfilippo launch, her kids decided to join together as a family and step up to the challenge. Collectively, they aim to reach 1.5 million steps this November.

What inspired you to fundraise for the Sanfilippo cause?

"We’re the Kirkman Kids – Mitchell (13), Sam (11), Ruby (10) and Tom (8) Last year we did the Pub2Pub fun run as a family (we’re a family of six!) and this year we kids are doing Steps for Sanfilippo!

Our mum Emma works at the Foundation and often talks about children with this condition and the families who love them. Unfortunately, mum recently broke her ankle. She was kicking a soccer ball while hanging out the clothes. We felt really sad for her, so all the kids decided to step up and walk in her place.'

Describe your routine/tactics for increasing daily steps.
"We love a challenge and because we're siblings we, of course, like to compete with one another! Our brother Sam once ran the equivalent of a half marathon in one weekend – just to say he’d done it!  

We’re pretty active during recess and lunch at school, we always take the stairs and if it’s late we do laps of the backyard. Does bouncing on the trampoline count?"

How is fundraising for this cause helping?
"By doing Steps for Sanfiippo, we’re not only helping our mum (who’s only just out of her moonboot), we are also helping all the children with Sanfilippo Syndrome. Plus we’re telling all our friends about why we’re stepping this month. Maybe next November,  they’ll join in the fun!"

How many steps a day are you averaging?

"We are all wearing step counters and our daily steps vary a bit but together (the four of us ) we aim to reach 1.5 million steps this November. That’s a lot of steps and is the equivalent of the distance from the SCG to the MCG – for the cricket lovers amongst you!"

What are you looking forward to most about Steps for Sanfilippo/what are you looking forward to the least??
"We’re looking forward to raising lots of money for this special cause and least looking forward to the blisters or any other injuries – hopefully there are no more broken bones in the family!"