Super sibling Sienna Morrice steps up

25 Nov 2020

Super sibling Sienna Morrice is stepping up this November in honour of her little brother Alec who is slowly losing his ability to walk. Sienna knows more than most the importance of our Steps for Sanfilippo campaign. Alec is her reason why. She shares why she is making in a difference. 

What inspired you to fundraise for the Sanfilippo cause?

"My younger brother Alec was diagnosed with Sanfilippo in 2015."

How many steps a day are you averaging?

"I'm averaging 15,000-16,000 steps a day. I try to walk to as many places I can rather than being driven. I try to climb more stairs and take longer routes for walking in short distances. I also walk with my mum which helps because she has the same steps goal as me."

How has having a sibling with Sanfilippo changed your view of the world?

"He is still able to walk for very short distances with the help of another person, however he needs his wheelchair for any walking which is longer than a few minutes"

What do you want the wider community to understand about Sanfiilppo?

"It has made me appreciate life more and want to make the most out of it. It has also made me realise that family is more important than anything and it's important to spend time with them because they won't be around forever."

Why is the step challenge a great way of engaging friends and family?

"That there is no cure so raising money is important for the future generations of children with Sanfilippo. It may not help those who have it now but there is hope for those in the future."

What are you looking forward to most about Steps for Sanfilippo/what are you looking forward to the least?

"Walking allows people to come together and be able to talk to each other in a more peaceful environment. It is also an excersise for any person's ability level which means everyone can join in."