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Meet some GEMS: Belinda and the mummy bakers

Last year, Belinda Yates and a group of wonderful volunteer bakers (Esther, Sally, Erin, Sonia, Sonja, Mel, Cassie and Noleen) raised over $10,000 for the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation, with a series of cakes stalls held at Bunnings. A personal friend of the Donnell family, Belinda kick-started the cake stalls while herself recovering from breast cancer. She shares her story of why making a difference means so much…









“I think our babies (Isla and Xavier) were just over a month old when Megan and I first met at mother’s group. We were a bleary-eyed but lovely group of new first-time mums. When the Sanfillipo Children’s Foundation was created I could see the drive Megan had to make a difference.


The science around the disease was exciting and seemed to be on the cusp of a human clinical trial. Listening to Megan talk about this, well… it was hard not to be inspired. Being a mother you want anything in the world for your children, so for me it was more, how could I not get involved. 

My experience with breast cancer had made me realise how precious life is and how much we take for granted. I feel very grateful that there is a treatment for breast cancer. With well-known diseases there is a lot of funding for this to happen. It really made me want the same for Isla and Jude: a treatment, medicine…and an opportunity for life. 

We have a pretty tight-knit mother’s group and when we heard about Isla and Jude we all felt the same…helpless. We wanted to help and do something to make a difference. It was after some brainstorming at the park one morning, that we asked what could we all do and what was achievable. We all agreed we could bake. That was the beginning!

Trying to make a difference to help others is immensely satisfying. Also being involved with a great group of girls, our mother’s group, Esther, Sally, Erin, Sonia, Mel and many other amazing volunteer bakers has been amazing.

My advice to anyone thinking about fundraising is to just do it! If everybody just did a bit, it would add up. Don’t sit back and think someone else will do it! You would be surprised how much you can achieve by putting yourself out there. It’s very rewarding and can make a huge difference!!! Go for it!”

Belinda's top 5 fundraising tips:
1.      Know your target market
2.      Make it look presentable. People eat with their eyes!
3.      Have some fun! Always wear a smile or – like me – a purple wig!
4.      Be organised, and get everyone working together
5.      Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You might be surprised at what you can do!