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Il Divo Divas lend a hand from afar

The appointment of Sébastien Izambard as an ambassador has opened many doors for the Sanfilippo Children's Foundation, including access to his international fan base. 

Il Divo fans eagerly embraced the release of the charity song ‘This Woman’s Work’ and have become avid supporters of the Sanfilippo cause. 

An amazing group of women, nicknamed the ‘Il Divo Divas’, from  around the world including the UK, Belgium and Korea has banded together to fundraise further on our behalf. 


Anne-Lies Boecxstaens-Jacobs, an IT professional from Belgium, launched a website to unite the thousands of Sébastien Izambard and Il Divo fans all over the world to to raise money and support for three charities including Assistance Médicale Toit du Monde (AMTM), Nordoff Robbins and the Sanfilippo Children's Foundation (SCF). Sébastien is an official ambassador for AMTM and the SCF. The group even had an article about their fan club published in a local newspaper in Beliguim. You can read the translation of the article here

Since launching in December 2014, the group has raised an outstanding $10,000 for our Foundation through a series of online auctions and personal challenges including Giving up Chocolate, auctioning off Il Divo memorabilia, Saying No to Social Media, creating and selling an Il Divo calendar, starting an office coin jar and even organising an online concert ‘Music for Sanfilippo’ on Rare Disease Day (28 Feb).


Click here to watch Youtube clip of 'Music for Sanfilippo'.  Thank you to all the performers but a special thank you to Chung Yee and her children for this touching initiative.


Thank you to Anne-Lies Boecxstaens-Jacobs, Chung Yee, Elaine Scammell, Peggy Fornier, Carolien Bellis, Jo Barrass-Short and Julie Davies for all your hard work. It’s inspiring to see such passionate people, strangers (but now friends) come together in this in this way for the Sanfilippo cause.