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"Sex Outta the City" fundraiser a success!


A committee of hard-working ladies from the Yarra Valley, aka Team Hope for Kyuss, hosted a successful “Sex Outta the City” fundraiser in July, raising an outstanding $15,000 for the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation.

Based on the TV show Sex in the City, the girls transformed the local Silvan Football Club into a Manhattan-themed nightclub, bringing a touch of New York glamour to the Yarra Valley, and entertaining 140 ladies on the night.


“We wanted it to be a girl’s night and to do something close to home to raise money for the Hope for Kyuss campaign. Because we live outside of Melbourne and nights out in the City are expensive,  we created “Sex outta the City”, explains Rhiannon Davey.


Guests were encouraged to dress up as the characters from Sex in the City

“There were lots of Carries, Charlottes and Samanthas and others just ‘dressed to impress’ in cocktail dresses. Everyone had a great night.” 

The Hope for Kyuss committee, including Tegan, Catherine, Jacqui, Rhiannon, Sheridan, Peta and Louise are all friends of Nikki Harris, mother to Kyuss Johnson (3) who has Sanfilippo Type A.

This ‘committed committee’ was particularly resourceful, securing the venue free of charge and a large discount on catering provided by Bruzo Can Do It Catering. The girls convinced four barmen to volunteer their time and had all wine and champagne donated from local businesses and individuals. Indeed every committee member donated a bottle of spirits each to help mix the cocktails!


The committee also used their persuasive powers on Marcus Prenctice from Feel Good Events. This talented friend-of-a-friend provided all of the furniture and cushions, ceiling-to-floor curtains, lighting, a red carpet, music and DJ equipment on the night!

“We couldn’t have done this event without him. He even had a canvas made up using the words ‘Sex Outta the City!’ and donated four slushie machines for us to mix our Cosmopolitan cocktails.”

On the night, the girls kickstarted formalities by asking how many people had heard of Sanfilippo, (“about a quarter of the room raised their hand”) and then played the Channel 9 News story featuring children with Sanfilippo including Kyuss. As well as enjoying a fabulous night out supporting a worthy cause, each guest left knowing more about the very important work of the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation.