Ollie Schimanski

In late Jan after years of Ollie having seemingly innocuous symptoms (reflux, hearing loss, speech delay, tonsil/adenoid issues), the puzzle was solved, with a terrible diagnosis. We were devastated to be told he has Sanfilippo.

Ollie is one of (maybe) 3 kids in NZ who suffers from the syndrome. And it’s not all doom and gloom - Ollie is still the same amazing little monkey, we just understand him better and he continues to blow us away with his pure joy for life. He adores his big sister (who is not affected) and loves tractors, motorbikes, mountain biking and “hammer nailing”. 

We are hoping for a clinical trial, but at this moment, there are none for Ollie’s subtype. And while we wait, we want to raise money for The Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation which has been set up to drive research into this disease. We, along with many others, hope for a world without Sanfilippo Syndrome.

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A big thank you to our Supporters

The real heroes who are kindly helping us achieve our goal

St Mary's Catholic Primary School

A Wear Purple for Ollie Day for students, was held for Ollie's campaign to support research for sanfilippo


On Behalf Of Amazing Customers And Staff






Erin M


Jo Putt



I am not a scented candle… Sending loads and loads of love


Sharon & Brian

Sending much love & strength from our family to yours xx




Dave Menefy

Love from pops Dave fir beautiful boy 💕


Baker Family

Lots of love to you all xxx


Sophi Irene And Iris

Oh no, I wish Ollie can have a clinical trial. You are such a helpful child. Sending love to the beautiful family.


Sharlene Robinson


Sian, Nick, Cami, Maya, Leo, Freida

The coolest wee man around - sending all the love and tractor and motorbike hugs, and some hammer-nailing hi fives 💛


Emma Salis



Pop Dave And Brenda

Such beautiful family, hope this will help amazing olllie who we adore 🥰



“Lollie!” Harper says. “Batman and Paw Patrol,” Lew-lis says. “Meet you in the cul de sac?” we say. You’re good neighbours and great friends! Much love from our family to yours.


Jani, Rishay And Vijay

Love you Ollie! Keep smiling!


Bizzy, Jimmy And Leo

We love you little man 💕 xx


Ranolf Pharmacy Team

We love you Ollie and hope this little donation will help you xx


Ella (la)

My Mr lollie! We love you and your family so much! Love your “La!”


Kathryn Ross

So sorry to hear about Ollie's diagnosis. He is such a sweet boy - he often helps me put Jake's bag in his cubby hole when we drop him off in the morning. A clinical trial would be brilliant x



All the best to Charlotte, Mark and family.


Steph Wakeman


Margaret Mcmillan


Ang & Bevan Brake

Such a cool kid, and an awesome family. Love you all.


Rachel Mcrae


Sarah Ziessen


Schimanski Family

Just a thank you for your help and support with Ollie so far. Also, I achieved the 5km/day in May - next year I'll do a proper page!