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Ky-Cup race night a winner




More than 170 'Hope for Kyuss' supporters in Victoria attended a successful Spring Carnival-themed auction night in October, raising $23,000 for the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation.

We spoke to organiser and committee member Peta Goodlet about this super fun fundraiser.





This was the second event organised by the ‘Hope for Kyuss’ committee, a group of women who have banded together for this special cause. One of the committee members had previously attended a race night fundraiser, so they contacted the organiser who provided everything required: the forms, race track with wooden horses and a spreadsheet of tips. 


While the night was themed around the races, the focus was very much on fundraising with winnings used by guests to purchase raffle tickets, buy a horse or participate in an auction. 

“A friend who owns a printing company printed our fliers, form guide and our fake money or what we called ‘Kyuss cash’. People purchased Kyuss cash at the start of the night which they used to place bets and buy raffle tickets.

“People paid an entry fee and pre-bought a horse. We sold all our horses before the event except for a few which we then auctioned on the night.


“People had the opportunity to name their horses and had great fun doing this. We had some silly names such as ‘50 Shades of Neigh’, ‘Hoof harded’ and even ‘Ky-man’, the special little person whose name we were all raising money in. 

“Kyuss’ dad Michael bought Kyuss at the beginning of the evening, which he loved.  Our form guide also featured a letter from Kyuss, written in his own words, which explained what Sanfilippo is. This was given to all our guests.


The event was BYO with guests bringing their own drinks and snacks and dressing in racing-themed outfits. The Hope for Kyuss committee dressed as jockeys on the night and includes Rhiannon Davey, Teagan Davey, Sheridan Gale, Peta Goodlet, Jacqui Graham, Catherine Snowden and Louise Tesoriero with each committee member bringing a different set of skills or talents to the table.


"One committee member, Louise is a designer so she designed all the money, form guide and also a fantastic barometer made from paper, paint and cardboard which we mounted on old door. We had calculated beforehand if we had sold x-amount of tickets or x-amount of horses etc how much that would approximately generate. So when we hit these milestones, we would tear away a piece of paper on our barometer to reveal approximately how much we had made.  


“We knew when he had hit $5,000 and we announced that. We hit $20,000 about ¾ of the way through the night. It generated lots of excitement and people really felt involved in reaching our target. People enjoyed seeing the barometer climb!” Peta said.