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CXC lends helping hand to families

CXC Financial Partners has agreed to generously offer complimentary Tax and Financial Planning Services for families of children with Sanfilippo Syndrome who are affiliated with the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation.

The Offer

CXC has designed a special offer for families of children with Sanfilippo Syndrome who are affiliated with the Foundation.  We’d like to offer a complimentary discovery and diagnosis session with our in-house taxation, financial planning, property or mortgage specialists. It’s all about understanding your current financial position, the life you are wanting to build then sharing with you the strategies available to get you there.
                    You are welcome to engage us to assist with one or all of the following services:

  • 1 Hour one-on-one meeting with a CA and/or CFP
  • Preparation of a Standard Tax Return (starting with the current 2017FY)
  • Review of your current Super Fund(s) and Insurances
  • Review of your current loans and ability to borrow – including a finance strategy consultation
  • Review of your property portfolio – including a property strategy consultation

    Our promise to you that in working with us, you:
  • Have clearly defined financial goals and a road map to get there
  • Have transparency over your financial position, have a greater level of financial certainty and the resources to consistently make the right financial decisions
  • Are operating in the appropriate tax structure (e.g. company, trust, PAYG etc) and legally minimising your tax each year
  • Are directing compulsory super to the appropriate super fund(s)
  • Have appropriate contingency plans in place to ensure you are financially secure if you suffer from an illness or injury
  • Have estate plans in place to ensure your assets are passed to the intended beneficiaries in a tax effective manner



Getting Started


Please note, CXC offers complete financial confidentiality and shares no information with the Sanfilippo Children's Foundation. Our Foundation is simply extending this CXC offer to our Sanfilippo community.


You are free to choose your own journey across the wide range of financial services on offer. Simply contact us on 1300 925 081 or, discuss your area of interest and we will then arrange for an initial chat with the right specialist.



About Us


At CXC Financial Partners, we bring together all our financial experts under the one roof. It’s a truly holistic approach, where your CXC financial planner, accountant, mortgage broker, investment and property advisors actually meet face-to-face to focus on just one thing – your unique financial goals.
Each brings their own expertise, while together they are accountable for executing an integrated plan to supercharge your financial well-being.
We’ve built a home for people to get transparent non-bank aligned advice. Advice that is solely for the interest of you the client not the bank or some other product manufacturer.  Furthermore, it’s a destination to get advice that meets contractor’s unique needs.